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5 Must-Have Features For Call Center Office Chairs


The average call center is a non-stop machine. With a rotating roster of around-the-clock employees, the chairs that support these dedicated workers need to be up for the challenge. Are you in the market for new office chairs for your call center? Learn about some of the must-have features you can't neglect. 

1. Stain-Minimizing Materials

Only choose chairs that are designed with stain-reducing materials. Heavy fabrics are typically best to avoid, as it's often harder to remove stains from them, which ultimately shortens the lifespan of the chair. Mesh is a much better solution as it's easy to wipe this material clean if something were to spill on it, which makes caring for the chair easier. 

2. Increased Reinforcement

With a rotating workforce, it's important to remember that not every employee will have the same body type. There will be employees of differing body weights. To ensure that every person can be accommodated safely and comfortably, look for chair options with reinforcement features that can support higher weight limits, rather than choosing chairs with minimal weight reinforcement that might not be supportive enough for everyone. 

3. Adjustable Height Features

Again, not every employee will be the same, and the people sitting in each chair on the floor can change on a daily basis. Every call enter chair should have height adjustment features to ensure each employee can sit comfortably at their work station and reach their computer and other gear without feeling like they're sitting too high or too low to do so comfortably.

4. Metal Support System

If you operate a 24-hour call center, it's highly likely that the chairs on the floor will be filled on a nearly ongoing basis. If you choose chairs that have poor support systems, such as those made from cheap plastic, you should not expect the chairs to last very long. You should choose high-quality chairs, such as those designed with a durable metal support system.

5. Ergonomic Features

It's also important to choose a chair with ergonomic features. Enhanced back support and armrests are just a couple of these types of features to look for. Ergonomic features keep your call center employees more comfortable, but more importantly, they help keep them productive. When employees are less comfortable, they're less focused, which means longer call times and a reduced ability to meet your customers' needs. 

Take these suggestions to an office furniture retailer to find the right selection for your call center. To learn more about office seating, contact a company in your area like Total Plan Business Interiors.


5 March 2020