the furniture you need when you buy a home

Furniture can be a very big investment when buying a home. What furniture do you really need to live comfortably in your new home? Are there some things that you can live without for a while until you are settled in and get what you really need? Working as a real estate agent for the past twenty years, I have helped a lot of families get settled into their new places. This blog will show you what you probably want to have when you first move into a house and what you can live without for a few months as you get settled in.

What To Look For In Your New Home Furniture


You've either gotten into a new house or you have been in your current house for a long time and want to get new living room furniture for your space. Either way, you want new pieces you can love and cherish, but you aren't sure what you want in living room furniture. After all, it's been a while since you've upgraded and you have a lot of furniture stores available near you and you don't know which one has the best items.

Before you buy any new items for your home, you want to know what to expect from your living room pieces. This guide will help you determine the great pieces from the average ones so you get the most out of your shopping experience and end up with furniture items that will last.

Streamlined, timeless pieces

Do you plan on having the same furniture in your home for years to come? If so, then you want to stick with streamlined, modern pieces that will be timeless in their appeal and will last. You don't want to invest in items that are too trending or else you'll find that your chairs and tables go out of style quickly, so stick to streamlined items in solid designs of metal, wood, or even a mixture of the two.

Glass-topped living room pieces can also be desirable for the living room to give your space a showroom effect. Ask to see the showroom of your local furniture store specialist so you can see what will work best for your home and give you the most long-term value for your decorative needs.

Lifetime or extended warranties

When you first buy your furniture, the sticker price may make you feel daunted about your purchase. However, if you make sure your items come with a warranty or some other type of guarantee, you'll be able to enjoy your furniture longer because you'll have peace of mind. Ask your furniture specialist if any of their new or showroom display pieces come with warranties and what these warranties cover as far as replacements or repairs.

Sets or complementary pieces

While all your living room furniture doesn't have to match, you still want your pieces to largely go together in general. This way, your furnishings will be able to complement one another and flow well together. You can let your furniture sales specialist assist you in choosing the best pieces for your needs.

Visit a home furniture showroom to find furniture that suits your home.


24 May 2019