the furniture you need when you buy a home

Furniture can be a very big investment when buying a home. What furniture do you really need to live comfortably in your new home? Are there some things that you can live without for a while until you are settled in and get what you really need? Working as a real estate agent for the past twenty years, I have helped a lot of families get settled into their new places. This blog will show you what you probably want to have when you first move into a house and what you can live without for a few months as you get settled in.

There Are Advantages to Buying Custom Furniture Instead of Store-Bought


When you are shopping for new furniture, you most likely will lean toward buying it at a store. You might have thought you would like to buy a custom-made chair or desk, but perhaps you thought it was not in your budget or that the store-bought version was the better deal.

There are advantages to buying custom furniture instead of store-bought. In fact, it might be a better choice for you.

Better Selection and Choice

There are furniture stores with hundreds of pieces to choose from, but many of them have the same type of fabric and design as any other store you go to. This means, that everyone who buys from these stores tends to get the same things, and their homes look similar.

Instead, if you buy from a custom furniture store, you have a much better selection of furniture designs as well as fabrics to choose from, including the design on the fabric and colors. This also means you have more choices of styles of chairs, desks, couches, and more.

Better Fit for Your Home

If you live in a smaller home or apartment, you might find that some store-bought pieces don't quite fit properly in the rooms you want to place them. This is because a lot of store-bought furniture is built to larger specifications and just don't fit in smaller homes.

If you buy custom-designed furniture, however, you are more likely to find pieces that will better fit your home. This could include different sizes and different shapes, and even pieces that are designed for multiple purposes to conserve space. An example of this could be a desk that can also be used for some storage.

Better Construction of the Pieces

The majority of furniture pieces found in regular stores are mass produced, meaning they aren't as concerned with quality as they are with quantity and getting the furniture to the public fast. In a custom furniture store, you will find that each piece is handcrafted with care and is solidly built. You may pay a bit more, but your furniture will last longer and will need fewer repairs than store-bought furniture.

When a piece is built well, there might come a time when you want to change out the fabric but want to keep the piece. This can be done without damaging the furniture piece itself. You can keep your favorite chair and update the fabric to go with any renovations or changes you make to your home.


11 February 2019