the furniture you need when you buy a home

Furniture can be a very big investment when buying a home. What furniture do you really need to live comfortably in your new home? Are there some things that you can live without for a while until you are settled in and get what you really need? Working as a real estate agent for the past twenty years, I have helped a lot of families get settled into their new places. This blog will show you what you probably want to have when you first move into a house and what you can live without for a few months as you get settled in.

How To Decorate Your New Office


Have you recently started your own business? Perhaps you have been given a promotion and you now have your own office. Either way, if you are decorating your own office space, here are some ideas that will help you to create a room that is both highly functional and attractive:

Establish A Plan - It may be helpful for you to go through decorating magazines to get ideas for achieving the look you want:

  • Establish a folder that is divided into different sections. For example, one section may be for furniture you liked in the magazines, while another section will be for decorative pieces you want. 
  • Write down every aspect of the decorating you want to attain. For instance, write down that you want to have shelves that combine both your business books with decorative pieces and family photographs. 
  • It may be helpful for you to make a mock plan on poster board or even on a smaller sheet of paper. Cut out construction paper that will represent furniture pieces so that you can get a good visual of how things will fit in your new office.
  • It may be very helpful for you to talk with professionals that have the training and expertise to help you set up your new office. 

The Actual Shopping - Using your folder and the notes you have made, proceed with your shopping plan. If you've talked with professionals to get their input, they also will help you select pieces you like:

  • Set a mood. For example, if you want a modern feeling, you'll want to select furniture pieces that have sleek lines and that are simple in style.
  • Combine functionality with beauty. For example, when selecting your desk, choose one that has enough drawer space while having the look you have chosen.
  • Borrow ideas from your own home. For instance, if you love the Mediterranean style in your living room, choose that for your office, too.
  • Choose decorative pieces that match your personality. For instance, if you are a fan of classic movies, select framed posters of movie stars like Clark Gable, Lauren Bacall, and Audrey Hepburn.

Don't forget things like floor lamps and ceiling fans. Those are both good examples of combining functionality with an attractive look. If you have worked with a furniture contract, he or she will also be able to help you select the extra pieces that will make your office your very own space.

Contact a local knoll distributor for more information and assistance. 


18 July 2017