the furniture you need when you buy a home

Furniture can be a very big investment when buying a home. What furniture do you really need to live comfortably in your new home? Are there some things that you can live without for a while until you are settled in and get what you really need? Working as a real estate agent for the past twenty years, I have helped a lot of families get settled into their new places. This blog will show you what you probably want to have when you first move into a house and what you can live without for a few months as you get settled in.

Choosing a Mattress for the Guest Bedroom: What To Look For


You want the bedroom you reserve for guests to be spacious, comfortable, and welcoming. The right mattress can allow you to offer the best night's sleep to all your guests. Here are things to look for in a mattress for the guest room.


A hypoallergenic mattress helps keep pollen, pet dander, and dander from previous guests from irritating visitors who have allergies or skin sensitivities. These mattresses often contain a zippered top that can be removed and washed to allow for a fresh and clean bed for every overnight guest.


You want to buy a mattress that is firm yet yielding. This way you have the best chance of keeping guests comfortable while they are sleeping. A memory foam or pillow top mattress can achieve this for you. Or, if you want to be more versatile with your bedding, buy a firm mattress and place a topper on it for added padding that guests can remove if they prefer a harder surface for sleeping.


To accommodate your tallest guests, it's best to buy a King mattress for the guest room. This allows for more space in case you have a couple sleeping in the same room. A California King is a large bed that is longer for very tall guests. If you have more than one bed in your guest room, opt for full-sized mattresses to save space in your room while giving your visitors a comfortable place to rest.


Choose a mattress that has many springs in it to prevent sagging as it ages. The more springs a mattress has, the more support it is able to give, allowing it to potentially last for many years. With irregular use, you can expect your guest mattress to last a few decades or more, although the average mattress with daily use may not last as long.


A mattress doesn't have to be expensive to be comfortable, and if it's not going to be used every day, you can choose a cheaper variety. Opt for generic mattress brands, which are typically less pricey than their name-brand counterparts, or buy a name-brand mattress that is on sale due to being an outdated model. This saves you money that you can invest in bedding or other guest room decor.

When shopping for your new mattress, visit a mattress store so you can lay on many models. The store you buy your mattress from can arrange to have the furnishing delivered to your home for added convenience.


9 May 2017