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5 Ways To Kill The Musty Smell Coming From Your Antique Wooden Furniture


One of the biggest problems that face people who own or are looking to purchase antique wooden furniture is that often times, for a variety of different reasons, said furniture will take on a musty odor that is quite difficult to remove. Further complicating matters is the fact that, due to the source of the odor, you can find that some odors are more difficult to remove than others and that some methods of musk removal do not work due to the source of cause of the odor. Thankfully, you have this article at your fingertips. Included are 5 ways to kill the musty smell coming from your antique wooden furniture.


Due to its porous nature, wood can easily absorb the contents of the air that it is surrounding. That means if you had your antique wooden furniture in storage in such a room as an attic, garage, or storage unit, then you might find that the furniture has absorbed some of the humidity in the air. It is recommended that you take the furniture out of storage and place it in an enclosed area with a dehumidifier. Within several hours, the smell should greatly diminish.

Sand & Refinish

Sanding and refinishing your antique wooden furniture might be another quick answer to your problem if the source of the odor is due to the issue of humidity. Sand down the furniture to its original finish and then reapply another coat of finish to the furniture as, due to the fact that the finish is the outermost layer of the furniture, chances are, the humidity was absorbed into the finish. After you are finished applying the finish, let your furniture breather. Place it in a dry room, preferably with a dehumidifier present.

Wood Soap

One of the biggest perils for furniture is moisture in the air. Not only can humidity be a direct cause of a musty odor emanating from your furniture, but it can also create conditions that allow smells to "grow". For example, moisture in the air is the perfect condition for which bacteria and germs can grow on wood. If this is the case, then you should use a specialized cleaning agent known as wood soap. It is recommended that you consult the directions of whatever brand of specific wood soap you buy and then proceed to give your furniture a good scrub down.

Let The Furniture Breathe

This method works under the same principle as the dehumidifying principle. However, this method is not quite as efficient for a few reasons. First and foremost, if you live in a humid climate, this method is not going to work in the first place for reasons that are quite obvious. Secondly, if you do live in a dry climate, you will find that this method will take several days to accomplish. However, if you are without a dehumidifier and do live in a dry climate, this is a good way to air out your musty furniture.

Odor Fighting Substances

One of the best things you can do for your furniture, especially if it is a large, enclosed piece, is to use odor-fighting substances within its nooks and crannies. For example, charcoal, coffee grounds, and baking soda are perfect, dry odor fighting substances that can easily pick up odors and trap them. Your mileage may vary with this method, but it is commonly agreed that this is a solid way to fight stinky furniture.

Musty smelling furniture is a common problem among antique hunters and collectors, but with just a few easy tips, you will undoubtedly be on the way towards owning odorless furniture. Check out dealers at sites like, they may be able to assist you as well.


7 August 2015